Benefits of Association membership

Professional Recognition
As an AGLIU member you enjoy exclusive right to use the professional designation of gardening and Landscaping; this is backed by a Code of Ethics and recommended standards of professional practice. AGLIU participates actively in other Ugandan associations and awards.

Business Opportunities
The AGLIU Membership Directory & Resource Guide, published annually, promotes your name and your firm’s name to potential clients. The AGLIU website provides a search facility by name, firm and location. Individuals seeking gardeners landscapers are referred to these sources.

Public Relations – Advocacy.
AGLIU publishes consumer information on the services gardeners and landscapers can provide. AGLIU advertises and participates in appropriate publications and exhibitions to promote the profession and its members. The ALIU Business Guide, published in 2019, assists members and their clients. AGLIU has the ability to respond to public issues which affect the professionals in gardening and landscape industries.

AGLIU keeps members current with the latest information on trends, issues, and professional development opportunities through the AGLIU News, website and email communications. The AGLIU website lists job openings at member firms and in public practice. It also lists awards, competitions and requests for proposals, at no charge to members.

Government Relations.
AGLIU meets with government officials to help create a better employment market for gardening and landscape industry. AGLIU presents a common voice on legislative and regulatory issues which can affect your practice and the profession as a whole.

Statistical Information.
gathers and publishes data on the profession of gardening and landscaping, and participates with other design professions in surveys on salaries/wages and issues affecting the design industry.

Employee Relations.
AGLIU’s internship program provides professional development for associates, your potential employees.

Personal Growth and Pride.
Through AGLIU, members can play a vital role in mentoring aspiring new members and in being part of a volunteer network of colleagues helping to advance the profession. The AGLIU annual awards program provides recognition within the profession for exceptional practice and volunteerism.
Take advantage of exclusive member discounts and offers from suppliers, retailers and service providers nationwide.
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