membership categories and fees

Contractor (Dues are 1,000,000/=)
Firm, Company or corporation is actively engaged in the gardening and landscape design, paving, maintenance of landscapes or consultancy and advisory services. the contractors mys be fully registered with URSB, must be having license and also owning an office with a clear address which will be visited by our association team.
Contractor's Application Form.

Assoiate membership(Dues are 500,000/=)
AGLIU Associate Membership is for individuals, firm, partnership, or corporation that supplies products or services to the landscape industry but does not engage in the competitive practice of landscape contracting.These may include but not limited to plants/flowers, seeds, tools,manure,transport, soil, water and pestcide suppliers,
Associates Application Form.

Training providers (Dues are 500,000/=)
Reserved for any school or department of higher learning providing educational courses for the greater gardening and landscape industry and horticulture.
Trainers Application Form.

Individual professional Gardeners/landscapers (Dues are 300,000/=)
Ndividual landscape designer's membership is available to individuals serving in the industry forexample, designing, maintenance, fumigation services,paving where whose sole profits are derived.
Designers Application Form.

Student Members(Dues are 150,000/=)
An individual actively pursuing the full-time study of horticulture, upon the recommendation of his/her faculty advisor or two (4) current members. .

To become a student member you don’t need any qualifications or experience, all you need is to be studying towards a qualification related to horticulture and have an academic email address. Before applying have a look over our membership criteria and supporting documentation.
Students Application Form.

Affiliate membership (Dues are 500,000/=)
AGLIU Affiliate Memberships are for individuals, affiliated with the green industry, such as educators, landscape architects and governmental employees.The AGLIU Association works collaboratively with regional, state and international green industry associations for the benefit of our combined memberships (e.g., municipality, envirnmental departments, public gardens).

Affiliated membership is also open to people interested in historic, heritage private or botanical gardens but whose main source of income is not from working as a gardener i.e. Other gardening and landscaoe related associations, garden writers, garden owners, nursery workers, landscape architects, landscape contractors etc.

Affiliate members share the rights of Full Members except that they do not have the right to vote on association decisions. Affiliates are only eligible to serve on committees.
Affiliates Application Form.

Registered Companies
Associate Members
Professional Gardeners