Why should choose AGLIU Members

Your landscape cleans the air, reduces noise, controls erosion and reduces stress while providing beauty and function to your property. Hire the best for your gardening and landscape needs!

The Association of Gardening and Landsaping Industries in Uganda is an influential industry association that represents the leading landscape companies in regions in Uganda.
ALIU elevates the professional standards and business practices of its members through education, certification, advocacy, and networking.

To be granted with Registered membership status,
AGLIU members sign up to the association's Code of Conduct pledging to carry out their business to the very highest industry standards.

This means investing in staff training and skills development, adhering to health & safety regulations, considering the environmental and ethical implications of what they do and running their operations with honesty and integrity.

By choosing AGLIU professional to design and build your garden, maintain your grounds or source ethically produced materials, you can be sure of professional excellence, value for money and outstanding customer service.

Consumers can look to the AGLIU to find qualified, reputable, and insured professionals providing all manner of landscape services. Through AGLIU, members have access to training and continuing education in both technical and business skills, enhancing business practices and professionalism… two of the key pillars of the AGLIU Code of Ethics.

For members to get a certificates, they must go through rigorous tests on a complete range of topics including:
Plant Identification.
Plant Installation.
Plant Biology & Pathology.
Soil Ecology.
Insects & Diseases of Ornamental Plants.
Safety & First Aid.
Construction Techniques.
Turfgrass Management & Maintenance.
Drainage & Grading.
As you make your hiring decision, choose a company that stands out in the industry to avoid disappointments.
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